5 Simple Statements About Accept yourself Explained

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Accept yourself understanding

Accept yourself
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In one of my coaching sessions i was talking about  Accepting your flaws . It’s a very interesting topic to dwell on, So i wrote a post to make made it easier to understand how to accept flaws and to move on.

At times when the time and life is not so kind and good to us we often start feeling low and depressed and that is the Universe/God’s way to telling us to wake up!!!! When life doesn’t follow according to our own created belief system and thought pattern, know that something is wrong in the way you believe, When you plant seed of tomato you will get TOMATO that’s how the law of attraction works.

So here I am going to share with you all, how to get through rough patches in life ? So firstly tell yourself there is not any other human being on this World quite just as you are. Universe/god, whoever you believe in has created you to be different, to be unique from other being.

Accept yourself
Welcome the new you

For just a moment quit focusing on what you are not, it is often been observed and it is actually a fact that when we try to follow trend of others, what suites them might not suite you, or in simpler word when we try to be like someone else we give away all the personal power and our all energy to that thought of being like them, and with it all the fears and afraid thoughts of how will it work out ? Whether the new dress will suite me just as well as that person or whether the make up is as perfect as that celebrity’s? As these thoughts come along you not only become self-conscious and self-criticizing but also the sole mission of your life changes and you miss all the amazing possibilities whose advantage only your unique personality can take advantage of. It’s a beauty of human mind that we remember more negative biased thought than the positive. So never be like someone else. You can get “inspired” by them but not become them .

Who are you currently at the rear of your title? What are your characteristic features? Who do you think you’re among close friends? How about strangers? What persona do you portray to the skin globe?
We often ask ourselves these questions but never truly knowing the correct answer. We wander endlessly, faking smiles, talking things we don’t really believe in and never truly comprehending our unadulterated strength.

Many narrow-minded, tunnel-visioned humans never understand the need to acknowledge these questions. Their lives filled with too many bills, too many health issues and too many problems created by their ignorance of their belief system. But they don’t realize that without acknowledging the problems, there really is no way of solving them.

1. Focus on yourself rather than your weaknesses. The best place to start this exercise is by looking into a mirror. Ask yourself what are my amazing qualities. Some may not find answer immediately, if such is the case, then
don’t lose heart, give it a try. The blessing of universe is with you. Often times when you do not find answers, that’s alright but you need to cling to even the smallest hope that you have. Maybe you write better than most people or your hands are skilled at art or you can read well or can move your body to a rhythm. Latch on to this hope and build it stronger. Just remove all the thoughts from your mind about what you are not or what you should be. It does not matter what answers you come up with, just accept it.

2. Try to spend some quality time with yourself. Talk to yourself, ask yourself questions and nourish yourself. Traveling solo allows you to get introspective, reach know your likes/dislikes and journey Choices. It could be a very life changing working experience.

3. Learn new things. Read a book you always wanted to read but couldn’t find the time to do so. Learn a new language. Read self-help books, articles, and you can always come here. 🙂 And this will help you to make better decisions. It is a fact that if you are self literate you are happier, more confident, and much better equipped to deal with choices for yourself along with your overall health. In spite of the place daily life can take you, or what highway you decide on, it truly is an education and learning that lasts a life time.

4. One minute we’re stuffed with a definite reason for all times and the next we are entirely desolate. How can everyone hope to uncover lasting happiness On this condition? So make up your mind. Clarity is one of the most essential aspect of life. Why do we only dive in a clean, clear water whose bottom we can see clearly? Because then we know that we can land securely without getting worried about whether banging your head against a rock or getting strangled by a wild plant. That’s how our minds work, they need assurance and they need to feel confident about the way we are heading in. We can get this both by clarity of thoughts, the moment you have clear mind and thought, you exactly know which path to follow and which thought to choose. Hence, better decision making.

5. And above all else never ever imagine yourself to be alone in this journey. Many us don’t even notice who The most crucial folks in our lives are. We frequently try to impress random people that barely cares about us, within the expense of neglecting those who matter by far the most to us. Out of 7 billion people, you are blessed with those few special people whom you love and who loves you back. Don’t be afraid to talk to them. Share your thoughts with them. Let them in and ask for their help. Remember the ones who ask for help are the ones who really want to change their lives and embrace the unlimited possibility of living their dream life.

Conclusion: No matter how bleak and dark your world appears to be, never lose hope. Because even a tiny flame of hope can extinguish darkness. Everyday is a war, some days you will win, some days you won’t. The days you won accept your victory and celebrate, when you lose, accept your defeat with grace and learn from it. And most importantly hope to win the war tomorrow. Because you are nothing but a soldier fighting for yourself.

Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people.

2 thoughts on “5 Simple Statements About Accept yourself Explained

  1. I have been reading you blog for quite a long time . I really wanna thank you for the amazing content that is actually very self helping. This has renewed my self confidence and faith in everything.
    Thank you. 🙂

    1. I’m very happy. That you like reading my blog. I’m pleased that my theories and teaching has helped you

      Thank you so much for valuable comments

      Happy Manifesting
      Malhar bhatt

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