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The art of asking the right questions

We all want to attract all the luxurious and beautiful things in our lives. We all want to explore the unknown and demystify the mysteries of the universe. We go about doing this by ASKING QUESTIONSBut we need to stop for a moment and realize that are we really asking the right questions?

The primary step of law of attraction is ASK , BELIEVE And RECEIVE gracefully. so lets begin the Art of ASKING  right question and in turn receive the right answer .

Why asking right questions is important?

Out of 100 people , 85% of the people does not know how to ask the right question. Hence, they never achieve their goals. In the recent surveys, it was found that 70% of enterprises fails in generating good revenue. Asking right questions in terms of market trend and analysis or to hire right employee plays an important role in all the department of an enterprise.

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question mark with speech bubble icons asking the right question

Looking at our own lives, we feel the need of asking right question to get ahead in life and understand our purpose in the world. Asking right question helps us get to know ourselves better in terms of hobbies, professional choices and personal lives. Asking right question also helps us prioritize sectors of our lives and efficiently and quickly achieving our goals and manifesting our dreams into reality.

Why is it difficult to ask right question ?

This are the most important reasons which keeps you from asking right question.

Clarity of mind :- In order to ask right questions, you needs to have clarity in mind regarding the specifics of your goals. You need to know EXACTLY what you want. Accordingly ask right questions.

Changing thoughts:- Most of the times our minds wander from one topic to another in a blink of the eye, thereby making us change our topic of thinking. Which is why it is necessary to stick to your aspirations and to your thoughts in order to ask right questions.

Unsteady mind :- One of the fundamental reasons of failure in asking right questions is unsteady mind. An unrestrained control over your mind results in lack of steady goals regardless of it’s nature. You would be unable to make a firm choice or stick with your choices. The grass will always look greener in somebody else’s field.A person with unsteady mind will always keep changing his aspirations. The person will repeatedly switch from one job to another, change his hobbies almost once a week. Such a person will also no doubt change his goals and aspirations almost weekly. When you keep changing your goals, you will never succeed in asking right questions, thereby unable to receive the right answers.

Unresolved personal issues:-  Start accepting yourself . If you are having a personal issue which you do not acknowledge, you will never have the courage to receive the answers. When you are emotionally compromised, you will be unable to give your attention towards your goals. When you are unfocused, you lose touch of yourself and that prevents you from asking right questions. So, to achieve your goals, make sure you resolve your personal issues.

Lack of self understanding :- Most times we set goals, but if we are honest to ourselves we are forcing those goals on ourselves. Let’s illustrate this with an example. A while back I had a friend who thought he was sure that the best career for him was Engineering. He studied hard in high school and got into an Engineering school. Half a year through the school, he was miserable. He was borderline depressed. He asked for my help and after we were through our session, it was concluded that deep down he did not actually aspire to be an engineer. He thought that he should go into an engineer. He could have avoided his misery if only he had truly known himself. When you force goals upon yourselves that you do not really want but just because it seems easier or convenient or popular,results more often than not in failure. When you do not really desire something, you do not know the right questions to ask the universe which causes failure and eventually depression.

Tips on asking right questions

asking the question
Which question to ask first and why to ask right question

Now that we have discussed some of the things that prevent you from asking right questions, let’s see how we can overcome these hurdles and efficiently learn the art of asking right questions.

Clarity of mind:- We previously discussed how unclear mind prevents you from achieving your goal by depleting your ability of asking right questions. To understand your desire, you first have to add specifics to it. 

Unchanging thoughts:- To learn the art of asking right questions you need to have a steady and unwavering thought pattern. Avoid allowing your mind from wandering. Make sure you stick to your current topic and do not go off- topic, as that leads to unfocused thought which in turn leads to unclear mind and that prevents you from asking right questions.

Steady mind:- This is one of the most important tool of asking questions. You have got to make a firm decision or a firm choice and most importantly stick with it in order to succeed. You can not look at other people’s choices, see them succeed and abandon your goals to follow their footsteps. You have got to stick with your choices.

Resolve your personal issues:- If you have any personal unresolved issues, well resolve them. I have already explained how unresolved issues can hinder you from moving forth on your journey to success. Which is why it is necessary to resolve these issues. Talk with your friend and family about these issues or a therapist, if necessary. You can also contact me through social media and I shall try my best to help you as best as I can. 

Understand your self:- Do not force goals, decisions or choices upon yourselves. Spend time with yourself. Get to know who you really are as a person, where do you see yourself in a few years, which profession uses your ability to the optimum, doesn’t matter what the job is, as long as you are happy and satisfied and possess the required skills it’s alright.

Conclusions :-  would like to conclude by saying that I have given you, dear reader, all the necessary tools to ask the right questions and go forth on your journey to success. Follow the steps and avoid the steps that prevent you from asking right questions. Feel free to contact me for more information.


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