Emotions and Health

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Little background story.

I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the concept of macro-universe and micro-universe, it just means that the smallest thing that exist on this planet has the same atoms that are found in the space all the things from microorganism to the planets are interconnected.  And this relational topic is been used in many other department of studies in biology we have microorganism and macro-organism, in Economics we have micro-economy and macro-economy.  It is believed that if we study one thoroughly we can easily understand the functions of the other one.

It is proven that Emotions can be related to health and mind wellness.  Each and every pain that we have faced or  is caused to you has the direct relation to the specific set of emotion, or we can say a cluster of the emotions.

emotional healthHow it is both connected ?

It is part of our basic instincts that what we see, we feel about it, which in turn leads to change in the chemicals in  brain for that specific moment that’s how our brain reacts to that moment, Say for example Serotonin is a chemical that affects our mood and it is also called happy hormone, It is the reason why you feel happiness and lack of serotonin can cause mood swings, it can impact your social life, and also make you depressed 🙁


The easy way to diagnose the physical pain through emotions is by dividing your body in three parts upper body, lower body and middle body. Your upper body usually consist of your face , hair and neck, middle body is from neck to stomach, and lower body is from waist till toe. Below is the list that represents the physical health issues with that to emotions.emotions and health

Upper body 

  • Eyes :- anger issues, refuse to see some new change in life.
  • Nose:- feeling unappreciated, lack of acknowledgement, No self-love.
  • Ears:- not wanting to listen/hear something, It can be negative talk, hateful words,particular tone of speaking.
  • Tongue :-  suppressed anger, cling on to one particular thought and not let it GO!!!
  • Throat ache:- suppressing truth,  Want to speak truth but being so much afraid of it.
  • Teeth and jaw problem :- Anger, and desire to take revenge.
  • Pimples and black heads :- Stress, not letting go of thoughts, past memories and childhood traumas.
  • Too much of crying :- represents both happiness and sadness

Middle body 

  • Shoulders :- Carrying too much of responsibilities, no joy in life, weigh down by others.
  • Arms :- unable to keep up with the experience of life. If you feel that you are in tough situation and you can’t control it the pain then will reflect on your hands your forearms might ache or fingers might go numb, basically if you don’t learn from your past experience you tend to face this pain.
  • Heart:- The emotional hub of our body, problem here means you’ve had some serious long lasting emotional pain and sabotaging, No joy and  too much strain in life.
  • Stomach:- The nourishment center of our body. This is the part where all our thoughts, ideas and emotions digest.  Pain in this area of body mean the problem in nourishment, Fear around the change and new stage of life. This is the reason why you get cold and butterflies feeling in stomach when you are about to meet new person or about to seat for an exam.

Lower body 

  • Thigh ache :- fear around new beginning  and fear of the future.
  • knee pain :- too much of pride and ego, unable to bend/adjust to the situation, unable to apologies for mistakes.
  • leg ache :- fear of the failing in future, unable to stand on your legs, less confidence in one self.

what i normally do is when ever i feel weak or sick or i have any specific illness i see the list above me and try to logically connect the sickness with my emotions.  say i have terrible sore throat, so what i will do is that i’ll see under throat what is written it says “Throat ache:- suppressing truth,  Want to speak truth but being so much afraid of it” the moment i read this i will get an idea to flashback the events (usually it is related to the 1 or 2 days prior to the day you got sickness) say i got sore throat on Monday and i got in bad argument with my friend on saturday and i wanted to tell him how badly he is being pessimist and all he believes is in the ill side of life. but i couldn’t tell him because he would not listen. So at this point my mind and my thought was focused o the energy to tell him truth but i didn’t and i suppressed the flow and it became stagnant in my throat because from their we speak it ha all vocal thing inside it.emotions and health

Now you see how simple the body and mind are in the perfect synchronicity and how fast the action and reaction process is!  if i don’t clear out my stagnant energy soon i will  i get headache and all the sign and symptom’s of the common cold.  Which will take days to heal and recover from. So the sooner you find out the sickness and it’s associate emotions the faster the healing.

Conclusion :-  We often give our emotions very little importance and think that it’s life and it just goes on and stuff like that. but we forget that, that our emotion has such a deep impact within us and new studies and research shows that we can actually heal our bodies and at least 30%  of process starts from the mind and emotion. It i very right time to start observing how we feel and how we are feel by others and it is time that we move towards less pill taking person and more lively person.

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