Getting to know yourself.

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I was reading a book and it was all about to ” know yourself”, It’s very interesting topic and then I started analyzing it and I made it easier and more sensible on how to know yourself, At times when the time and life are not so kind and good to us we often start feeling low and depressed and that is the Universe/God’s way of telling us to wake up!!!! , When life doesn’t follow according to our own created belief system and thought pattern, Know that something is wrong in the way you believe When you plant a seed of tomato you will get TOMATO that’s how the law of attraction works.

So here I am going to share with you all, how to know who you are ? So firstly tell yourself There is not any other human being on this World quite such as you are universe/god whoever you believe in has created you to be different to be unique for other being. For just a moment.

quit focusing on what you are not, it is often been observed and it is actually fact that when we try to follow trend of others what suits them might not suit you, or in in simpler word when we try to be like someone else we give away all the personal power and our all energy to that thought of being like them. and with it all the fears and afraid thoughts of how will it work out ? whether the new dress will suit me or the makeup is perfect? This all comes along and It’s a beauty of human mind that we remember more negative biased thought then the positive. So never be like someone else you can get “inspired” by them but not become them .

Follow this steps and by the end of the post you’ll know all awesome things about yourself, try to gather the knowledge about yourself and the best way to do is by asking for the feedback.

Feedback:- asking for feedback is the most used way to know about yourself or how well, your work you do. Just like all the other things even asking for feedback has a simple yet powerful process. You just can’t ask for feedback from all the people around you. Whoever is giving you feedback should have gone through the situation you are . in simple words should be well experienced and they should know you well.

If you want to ask for the feedback regarding your work. 

For employee :- If you’re employee then ask your senior manager to give you feedback on your work. For freshers :- If you’re fresher than ask your senior partner or the one with early experience in this work to give you reply on your work.

If you want to get feedback for your personal life.

Ask your friend who know you well who has been with you in ups and downs of life , who has seen you handle tough emotional pressure. They will be knowing the seriousness of your situation and will be able to help you out identifying your strength and weakness.

There will be lots of people in your life who will be always there to give you “feedback” which will more look like criticism. Make sure you know to differentiate between Feedback and criticism. It’s very simple. the one who tells you to do stuff in different way again and again with out asking for help and correct you in the easiest thing, and tries to “show you other ways to do it ” These are the one you need to stay away from Because it in in there thought pattern to look for the fault and to see what they can correct in other person.

Sometimes we don’t like asking for people’s reply or feedback . At those time you can self-explore your self with this  tricks.

1. Pay close attention to the color you like. Each color defines meaning and thus the emotional content with it.

2. Pay attention to the genre of music you like. This helps you to break down lots of things about your self. For example if you listen to the more Soft songs then it means you like to be on the calm side of life and loves to follow the routine rather then the risks. If you like the sad and slow music you are giving from life or you giving from lose of something.

3. Pay attention to your knowing your goal you can tell few things about person you are for example goals are of two type long term and short term. If you plan long term goal the most then you have “big picture” thinking and you generally see life in big picture. And if you plan short term goals then you see and focus on “what’s next” and what important rather then the whole future.

The best investment of your life is investment on yourself.

The conclusion

Knowing on strength and weakness is so beneficial to you. Because it is YOU who’ll be up for challenges in life and at that time it will be your same weakness that will stop you and it will be your same strength that’ll motivate you. To be the victorious in life. So always take time from your schedule and know yourself.
Malhar Bhatt

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