How to end year 2016

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The Year 2016

After few days we are going to bid 2016 good-bye. For many of us this year has brought amazing achievements, happiness, opportunities  and joyful experience and that is also fact that for many of other this year has not been proved to be that much fortunate in many departments of life.

And i would like to say to all the people who is reading my post right now that. It’s really okay that this year didn’t go as you had planned and expected. we all are thrown at life and we learn to grow by ourselves, we learn to be mature by ourselves, we learn to deal with it by the best way we know.

I’d like to share this simple manifestation of depression with you and how it grips us. Just like when our days don’t go that well and we wake up feeling hopeless everyday we encounter and discover new sadness. This how depression grips us. Its so simple that it is terrifying that what a simple feeling can do to you. I always implemented this great quote in my life which goes like this.

A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.  

It’s so simple that it can literally change your life from good to bad, darkness to light, sadness to happiness, hopelessness to hope. when you fear something in life may it be anything, at that time, you give your power to your fear to dominate you. And if year 2016 has not been idle year then it’s alright man, it doesn’t mean next year has to be the same.

Change your perception

Change your perception
Change your perception

As we are moving in final phase of this year. i want you all to change the way you looked at this year 2016. this exercise will give you hope and put you back in power. And it won’t cause you anything because the year passed and it won’t harm you in anyway. Just give it a try.

Different point of view.

At the end of the day whats important is that you should be clear and in good mental health.  This is important because it gives you clarity and stability. What happened is past and you need to put it behind and take a leap forward and get whats yours. Think rational. Future is and will always be different from past. Every other situation will always be different from each other and that’s where you have power to change. Use that power and be the change 

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