The Law of attraction in Details

What is Law of attraction(LoA)

lets all talk about the law of attraction(LoA) what it is ? how it came to existence ? what is it purpose and what not Lets all explore the law of attraction together let me dive deep into content briefly The law of attraction is a name given to a thought process which states that “like attracts like” ” positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative and so on another famous line give to law of attraction is ” you become what you think” so lets deeply learn what is law of attraction and how you can make your life better, achieve all your dreams by using law of attraction and by asking our friendly universe to give it to you , yes you read right by simply asking the universe to give it to you.
so here we start

you’ll learn about

      what is law of attraction
      limiting belief
    how to attract and how does process work

what is law of attraction

Law of attraction basically sums up your entire life wanna kn ow how ? well just look around you whatever you once wanted is manifested by you , by your thoughts law of attraction works on ” where your focus goes so does your energy flows ” law of attraction never judges whether it is good or bad it just gives you. yes it sounds simple isn’t it ? well here is the catch if you don’t check your thoughts be in discipline and concerned about it then chances are you’ll wind up manifesting the negative thoughts of your life ( which you really don’t want to come real!) so basically got an idea about the law of attraction and what it is ?
as the famous quote says
“Like attracts like. Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes, the subconscious identically creates. Brian Adams “

limiting belief
law of attraction is law that is so powerful that it governess all the other law outside universe and the the atoms inside us law of attraction simply stats ” like attracts like ” . So be watchful of your thoughts. Feelings too plays an important role in attracting your dream. lets take an example you want to have big home ( which is a thought) but you’re afraid and scared of all the other responsibility that will come along the home which is proper cleaning, maintenance, maintenance cost and so on in this type of cases you will not attract your dream home because you are creating self limitation with all those clouded feeling you are actually thinking that having a big home will be curse rather then blessing ( you have lot many ways to maintain it but that’s another thing) so in this type of case know what you are thinking and feeling be conscious and aware about it. and remove your limiting belief for more info on limiting belief limiting belief

how to attract and how does the process work
FACT :- we attract/ manifest daily whatever we want just look around yourself observe everything that you have created, no matter what it be wealth, health, relationship no matter what it be, you are seeing, feeling, experiencing all that because at some point you’ve thought truly about it, knowingly or unknowingly, so now that you are aware of your creation, Accept it that it is your doing till you don’t accept you will no t allow it to be part of you and till it not your part you’ll be not willing to change it that’s why it is said that ” ACCEPTANCE IS MUCH MORE HARDER THAN TRANSFORMATION” Because it is in our nature to be in denying state , so accept it, accept it all.

Now that you have ACCEPTED, you are step closer to make your dreams come true. I’ve often observed that when my clients passes through the process, most of them have no idea I’d say they don’t have clarity about what they want, so have clarity of mind about what you really want for an instance let’s say you want to change your home so have this clarity that YOU REALLY WANT TO CHANGE YOUR HOME , Don’t keep double thoughts it’ll send universe double message. so be single minded, the find out which are the limiting belief stopping you from achieving all this keep a note of them and finally the most magical part write down what all you really want. This is the place where you need to be aware of what all you want lets continue the example of home . so what all you really want in your new home say it should be big, spacious , full of light, new, then close to your market place and note down all the stuff that really matters to you , and finally the gratitude.

so you have all you need now to start the magic of law of attraction
take a pen and a piece of paper
write down your plan in this way
1. date
2. dear universe
3. describe all that you are matter what it be just pen it down
4. state your limiting beliefs address them to universe, ( lets say you are scared that you wont find your home so write it down that belies that is am in fear i am scared that i wont find home i am looking for i am scared of all the extra responsibility and the out of budget scenario. Note down every single thing.
5. Write exactly word toward what all you want, describe the passion behind it say it full, write down all the key point you are looking in you new home or surrounding your home. ( i want my home to be full of fresh energy, it has beautiful garden in front and is fully furnished i am getting all the help from my neighbored in getting maintenance services, everything that i ever wanted is right around me) write down all that you want.
while writing stay as happy as possible, always remember “like attracts like” the more you be positive the more you’ll get positive result in return. so be as positive while writing it down. Show gratitude towards universe for granting your wishes and helping you out. now let go of the letter you can burn it and throw ashes in water or in wind you can crumble it up and throw it away , you can tear it in lil pieces and throw it away choice is yours.

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9 thoughts on “The Law of attraction in Details

  1. Hi,i was just curious that if i actually write the letter to the universe how do i know that the universe has recieved it? how long long will it take for my wish to come true? does it really work???

    1. Hello Shania
      It feels great when readers read and comment thank you so much for taking time to read and comment now your answers as i said in the article ” we manifest every second ” that means that when you go through the process of writing letter to universe what you basically do is you first Accept all that has happened and all that which is happening you are taking responsibility and allowing it to change , after that you are remove all the old sabotages and self limiting belief from your system by writing it down in other way you are cleansing yourself completely to receive ” the new energy” in you and by the principle of “like attracts like” the moment you tune into positive attitude you will start seeing positive changes around you about the subject you want to attract just like earlier when you were seeing negative once remember one thing we manifest each thought every second every minute and every day we are just putting magic of positive attitude so you’ll see many positive things regarding that topic coming in your way in various forms just be open and receive gloriously and the moment you see even the smallest positive change in your life say thank you to yourself and universe. the more you be positive and working towards your dream the more and willing to believe in yourself and universe that it’ll happen. the faster you’ll see the result. give it a shot and see the magic and do comment when your dream come true

      always remember you’ll always have a friend and a guide here. so feel free to ask

      Happy manifesting 🙂

  2. Hi, I was just curious how do I know if the universe
    gets my letter if I write one and how long will it be for my wish to come true? does it really work???

    1. I hope i answered you question above 🙂
      Thank you so much for comment

      Happy manifesting 🙂

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